Compact PCR-Cyclers

for modern & intuitive PCR-Workflows at evey scale

LineGene Mini S
for up to 16 samples

QuantGene 9600
for up to 96 samples

Perfect Size for every Need

Our Cyclers come in two sizes and can analyze between 1 and 96 samples in a single run. No matter the throughput, we have the perfect solution for you.

Intuitive UI & easy Workflow

Our software layer is built from the ground up to make the whole process as intuitive and easy as possible. The cyclers are controlled completely with an appealing touch interface.

Cloud Portal & External APIs

We additionally developed a cloud suite with a fokus on ease of use & flexible APIs to create a workflow that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems & processes.

Quality made in Germany

Setup & quality control for each cycler we ship is done in our facilities in Germany according to the highest german quality standards.

Medical Product – Class III

Our PCR-Cyclers are approved medical products of class III and compliant with all regulatory requirements for the european market.

Fast shipping

We ship directly from the heart of europe to your doorstep to secure cold chain compliance and ensure blazing fast delivery times.

Full PCR-workflows at the size of a shoebox

The BIOER LineGene Mini S offers the capabilities of modern PCR-Laboratories in an exeptionally compact and robust formfactor.

With dimensions of just 364mm x 210mm x 180mm and a weight of 7kg, this tiny device manages to deliver excellent precision and reliable results on par or even exceeding way larger and heavier competitors and is still able to process up to 16 samples at once. Combined with our highly integrated custom software-suite, this opens up full PCR-workflows to laboratories of all sizes.

Easily scales with your requirements

With our PCR-Kits, you have the choice to use single tubes for individual samples or strips of 8 for larger quantities.

The LineGene Mini can take up to 16 single tubes or up to two strips of 8. So no matter how many samples you actually have, no material has to go to waste.

And when you need even more throughput, the larger QuantGene 9600 has got you covered, enabling you to analyze up to 96 samples in a single run. The rest of the process in terms of material and software stays exactly the same, so you can scale easily when you have to, without worrying about compatibility with the rest of your workflow.

Intuitive and fully guided touch interface

Custom software designed to facilitate easy and efficient workflows across multiple systems.

Our software layer was designed from the ground up together with our partners at nu:healthcare to make the whole process as easy and inutive as possible and integrate seamlessly into a modern and fully digital pcr-workflow.  It features a clean UI  with detailed explanations for every step of the way and a deep cloud integration for easy result access, remote management and unparalleled connectivity to external systems.
Learn more about the PCR-Suite at nu:healthcare.

Quality made in Germany

Research, software-development and quality control for all of our products is done in our facilities in Germany.

That means that every cycler we ship is equipped with our latest software, configured to your needs right out of the box and individually tested according to the highest german standards.

LineGene Mini S

Up to 16 Samples

4 Channels

364 × 210 × 180 mm


QuantGene 9600

Up to 96 Samples

Up to 5 Channels

490 × 290 × 391 mm