Scalable DNA/RNA Purification Systems

for easy extraction in just 15min

Perfect Size for every Need

Our purification-devices come in three sizes and can process between 1 and 96 samples in a single run. No matter the throughput, we have the perfect solution for you.

Intuitive UI & easy Workflow

Our goal was to make the whole process as intuitive and seamless as possible. The devices are therefore controlled completely via an easy-to-use touch interface.

Quality made in Germany

Setup & quality control for each device we ship is done in our facilities in Germany according to the highest german quality standards.

Easily scales with your requirements

With our DNA/RNA-Purification-Kits, you have the choice to use prefilled cartridges for individual samples or plates of 16 samples.

Prefilled Cartridges that cotain everything you need for the purification process of a single sample. Ideal for small operations where demand fluctuates a lot.

Plates for up to 16 samples:
Prefilled plates that cotain everything you need for the purification process of up to 16 samples at a time. Just the samples have to be added. Ideal for small to medium-sized operations with a rather stable sample throughput.

Depending on the device, 2-6 Plates can be processed simultaneously, giving you the oportunity to scale seamlessly from a single sample up to 96 samples per 15min run.

Intuitive touch interface

No keyboard or mouse needed – everything can be controlled comfortably with your fingertips.

The whole process is designed to be as intuitive and effortless. Therefore we completely eliminated the need for peripheral devices like mice or keyboards and clunky interfaces. Starting the process is as easy as tapping a single button.

Quality made in Germany

Research and quality control for all of our products is done in our facilities in Germany.

That means that every purification-device we ship is configured to your exact needs right out of the box and individually tested according to the highest german standards.

BIOER GenePure NPA-32P

Up to 32 Samples

Cartridges & 16-Sample-Plates

430x395x435 mm


BIOER GenePure NPA-96

Up to 96 Samples

Cartridges & 16-Sample-Plates

907x495x571 mm